Blog Spot (past article) Soul Continuum with Energy Therapist Natasha Price


In my work as a hypnotherapist I have trained in both Past Life Regression Therapy with the Regression Academy and Future Life Progression with Anne Jirsch. The Regression training not only included working on past lives but also the negative life experiences and traumas from our current lives, from childhood and even back to the womb, and therefore my clients can go anywhere on that scale, past, present or future. What I have come to realise through this work is that our soul, the energetic divine essence of us, never dies. It continues throughout time and space, our human body only being a vehicle for it in this lifetime. For me this is the Soul Continuum. A beautiful stream of energy that flows through the Universe and which has its own unique vibration.

Everything has its own vibration including us, although in our human form this can be greatly affected and lowered by negative emotions, beliefs and life experiences that we hold onto in our energy fields. It is so important to look at the negative emotions around situations in our life so that they can be released. If we continue to hold onto them they can lead to physical symptoms manifesting. However, it is possible to connect to our unique unfettered vibration through hypnosis, which heightens our vibration in this lifetime and assists us in how we move forward in the here and now. I see the Soul Continuum as a giant 3D cobweb, the intersections or pivotal points being the important events in the lives into which we incarnate, and as time is not linear we have the ability to go to any point on that cobweb to gain wisdom and clarity on lessons that we are learning in this lifetime. Linear time has only been created in this earthly existence to help us to make sense of events, however when you are in the Soul Continuum time does not seem to exist in the same way, which is why you can move around wherever you like. Of course, your subconscious is extremely protective and acts almost like a doorman preventing you from going to a lifetime to see events which you could not cope with. It will filter the information that is given to you in order to assist and protect you. Personally, I have found this technique incredibly effective and helpful to how I flow through my current life and the clarity I have gained over people and events around me now. If you are struggling creatively in this lifetime for example, then by using such hypnosis techniques it is possible to set the intention to go into any point on your Soul Continuum where you were incredibly creative, where your Soul at that time had reach a high level of achievement. By linking to the vibration of your Soul at that time, your Soul energy in this lifetime is pulled up to match it and you find yourself leaping forward in this current life with all manner of creativity.

This technique can also be used on emotions as I believe this is one of the main reasons that we incarnate on this Earth, to learn about human emotions. There is a scale of intensity for each emotion, so you may be learning about a particular emotion such as anger, guilt or remorse, over several lifetimes and from different perspectives. For example, in one lifetime you may be the victim in a situation, the one that has been wronged, and in a subsequent life you are the one who has victimised or inflicted a wrong on somebody else. This allows your Soul to understand the emotions from both sides or perspectives, and by seeing that now it can help you to not repeat the same mistakes but to gain real clarity over such a situation and the emotions experienced on both sides.
There are of course so many variations on what you can set your intention to see at the beginning of a session, and the elements that you can gain clarity on, that it is never ending. Every client is different and needs assistance on a different aspect. However, the process of connecting to your Soul Continuum is a fascinating and I believe a life changing one. It gives you such understanding and clarity on why we are here as a race, and what each of us individually is here to achieve. Of course, those points are connected. I saw a lovely quote by Deepak Chopra the other day which read – we are the individual expressions of the same underlying universal field of consciousness.

For Soul Continuum sessions please contact Natasha Price at or through her face book page Dandelion Therapies.

Natasha Price, Energy Therapist and Author

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