Grey Areas 3rd issue Review With Peter Wood


Peter Wood – Grey Areas Reviewer

With a variety of topics and refreshing opinions this Autumn Quarter’s edition of Grey Areas has me contemplating on, exploring and embracing a range of areas – taking a just a few for instance:

I resonated with the article on ‘Historic Fiction’ by Aisha Khalaf. For, like Aisha, I have always felt no matter whichever era, region or race we base our present experiences that it is a truism to state that we humans would act pretty much the same in the face of similar opportunities and challenges put before us within any other alternative era, region or race perspective. (And that’s before I had heard of the quest of “learning universal lessons” through re-incarnation and the enrichment of our eternal spirit.)

As an Education Facilitator – who has experienced post-aparthied South African classrooms – I nodded my head with interest in what Ama had to say about the misdirected state of the African Education System in 2018. I discover, re-assuringly that Ama encourages the teaching of key employment and social skills and the application of common sense as being far better curriculums in any culture, but most importantly for the economic and social cohesion of all countries on the African Continent.

I was found myself in agreement with ‘Generalisations’ by Yann. He focuses on humans’ tendencies to over-generalise, and so dehumanise, the richness of others’ characteristics. Instead of this poor re-active thinking, Yann points out that better still is for us to reflectively consider the individual’s character and skill set before leaping to judgement of others. A viewpoint I share – that we all deserve to be treated as unique valued humans and not tarred with stereotypical brushes.

Agreeing from the standpoint that I was born in the most deprived and depressed place in England, I was interested to read within Johnny’s article “Home Sweet Home” that lessons are still to be learnt some 60 years on from the implementation of the famous social re-structuring Beveridge Report. That this report still needs our full attention if we are to ever raise generations in 2018 out of abject needs to a position of at least a moderate comfortable living. The reality of which has me agreeing in Frustration.

Through becoming open to stir opinions within you or to increase your understanding. So, that like me your awareness of the severe dibilities of Crohn’s Disease – or the amazing changing nature of Healthcare Products or the deep benefits of Sexual Health Therapy – expands. Yet, perhaps the time has come for you to make your business dream really work – then it’ll be timely to follow the steps outlined in the Psychology of Dreams.

So what will resonate with you in this edition? Whose opinion will you ‘nod’ at? and whose will you shake your head or even enrage you? Either way you stand to open up your mind this month, I can assure you.

Peter Wood

Grey Areas Reviewer


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