Grey Areas Issue 2

GREY AREAS 2nd Issue. Publication date: 01st Aug 2018

The Summer edition of Grey Areas Journal was a fantastic compilation of diverse topics rangings as usual from the arts, faith, culture, comminity entrepreneurship. A feast for your intellect!

Check out the exciting 2nd edition of our e-journal ‘Grey Areas’ By Yann W. Tanoé and contributors. Edited by Antoinette Hewitt.

(Courtesy of SunBird Journal Publishing)

Click on the link below to download!

Grey Areas E-Journal 2nd Edition


This issue welcomed the following new contributors:

  • Author – Aisha Khalaf
  • Shamanic Practitioner – Charlotte Gush
  • LDS bishop – Matteo Asioli
  • Malian Community President- Wilfred Willey.

Welcome guys!

Grey Areas 2nd Edition Content

Find out more about the contributors, the columns and articles below :

Yann W. Tanoé – Author/Activist
About Grey Areas

Antoinette Hewitt BA. – Art Critic
Focus on Art: La Pietra de Michaelangelo

Natasha Price – Energy Therapist
Focus on Energy: The Soul Continuum

Yann W. Tanoé – Author/Activist
Rehabilitation: The Need for Sympathy

Aisha Khalaf – Author
Writer’s Corner: The Allure of Historical Fiction

Dianne D-Empress Regisford – Poet, Artivist
A Cup of Poetry: Foibles

Charlotte Gush – Shamanic Practitioner
Focus on Faith: The Ecology of Shamanism in the 21st Century

Matteo Asioli – LDS Bishop
Focus on Faith: The Need for a God?

Wilfred Willy – Ex President of the Malian Community Council UK.
Understanding Community: Exploring Community & Diaspora

Elvina Quaison – Founder of SESA
Entrepreneur and Innovation: Blue Economy

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